Celebrity Gene

DNA Raising Awerness

DNA tells a story, Celebrity Gene makes sure it’s told. When celebrities get behind a cause that cause gets noticed… Our mission is to raise awareness for important causes and to show how DNA plays an important role.

HOPE – Today and for always

Through Celebrity Gene we can enlighten others to how important DNA research is to us. DNA can prove more important.

KNOWLEDGE – We all want to have a choice

Information like where we come from and what medical conditionals or disease we may have a predisposition or susceptibility towards can be empowering. An individual may not be born with a disease but may be at high risk of acquiring it.

You Can Make A Difference

Celebrity Gene brings awareness to a cause and enlightenment on how DNA plays an important role in finding a cure.

Celebrity Gene gives you an opportunity to do more than raise money for a cause.

It educates the world on the importance of maintaining our inherited code while opening up a world of possibilities and hope for the future.

Celebrity Gene is about personal connections. Buying a limited edition product that has the DNA of a famous person alive or dead is the ultimate in celebrity memorabilia and provides an undeniable personal connection to that individual.

It not only helps raise money and awareness for the celebrity’s cause, it also brings attention to how important DNA is to everyone.

With the DNA from your relatives, information on where you come from and what diseases you or your children might be predisposed to will help make the future better for families.

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